How strong is your platform for growth?

My business growth programs all start with an in-depth discovery of your organisation’s core strengths which serve as the foundation upon which a powerful strategy can be built.

Persistent weaknesses can stubbornly prevent business growth and cause stagnation. A business plan that effectively acknowledges both is geared to produce an achievable strategy for the future.

Typical areas of strength and weakness that arise during a business growth program include the following:

So, where to begin?

I offer three standard business coaching packages or alternatively, a range of corporate workshops and other services as outlined below.

What My Clients Say

“Victoria was successful in raising the profile of the school through effective community consultation, inspired facilitation and an innovative, strategic approach. She works well with all levels of people and always delivers high quality work on or before the deadline.”

Lisa Neville
Former Councillor of Bright P-12 College

Corporate Business Services

Corporate Workshops and Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning
  • Career and leadership development
  • Adopting a customer mindset to boost sales and marketing impact
  • Embracing a best-practice mindset for excellence in daily action
  • Breaking down barriers to foster resilient, high-performing teams
  • ½ day, full day and 2-day options

Corporate Workshops and Facilitation

For larger clients, I offer a range of Corporate Workshops & Facilitation services each custom-designed to help achieve your specific objectives. Some popular choices are indicated above, or we can work together to create a program that delivers an explicit outcome.

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General Business Services

  • Website content writing
  • Communications materials
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Social media or content strategy
  • Facilitation and training
  • Brochures, newsletters, sales material or other collateral

General Business Services

For clients who have specific business requirements I offer various General Business Services such as fresh website content, a stakeholder engagement strategy, a new communications approach, facilitation or training sessions or social media strategy.

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Business Coaching Packages

Quick Business

$525 +GST

  • Strategic discovery
  • Business and operational analysis
  • Marketing and communications analysis
  • Growth opportunities
  • Strategic Plan next steps

Quick Business Boost

The Quick Business Boost is designed to deliver an overarching assessment of your business and operating environment to enable us to identify immediate opportunities for action.

Often bundled as part of the more comprehensive Strategic Growth Plan, it is also offered as a standalone service for clients who simply need some guidance and best-practice insight into developing their own strategic growth plan.

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Strategic Growth

$1995 +GST

  • Quick Business Boost elements
  • On-site visit (NE Vic)
  • Risk and barrier analysis
  • Competitive and environment analysis
  • Website and keyword analysis
  • Marketing strategy and communications action plan
  • Strategic Growth Plan deliverable

Strategic Growth Plan

The Strategic Growth Plan is driven by a more in-depth discovery and planning process and is designed to help clients reach a watershed or “ready-to-launch” breakthrough in their business.

Clients who invest in the Strategic Growth Plan tend to report back with surging ideas, an agenda of transformative change and a bias for action as the new normal.

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A Breakthrough

$3570 +GST
(12 Month Program)

  • Strategic Growth Plan
  • Quarterly strategic review
  • Business and operational review
  • Risk and barrier review
  • Competitive and environment review
  • Marketing strategy, website and communications review
  • Blue-sky growth opportunities
  • Strategic Plan – Year 2

A Breakthrough Year

For clients seeking a premium strategic growth program that is monitored and adjusted throughout the year in response to changing market conditions, A Breakthrough Year is a 12-month investment in the ongoing growth of your business.

First we will launch a Strategic Growth Plan and follow it up with three formal progress reviews conducted on a quarterly basis. At the end of the year we will capitalize on the new momentum in your business and build the next phase of growth into your second year’s strategic plan.

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Ongoing Business

$525 +GST

  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual review
  • Business and operational review
  • Risk and barrier review
  • Competitive and environment review
  • Marketing strategy, website and communications review
  • Growth opportunities
  • Next steps

Ongoing Business Coaching

Finally, the Ongoing Business Coaching sessions are regular, built-in cycles of review and growth planning that are typically utilized by clients who have invested in either the Quick Business Boost or the Strategic Growth Plan.

These sessions ensure that you are extracting the highest level of value from your original investment. All Business Coaching sessions are structured to keep you on track by revisiting and boosting your business growth strategies on a consistent basis.

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If none of these options fit what you are looking for, let’s discuss how we might work together on your terms.

How can I help your business or organisation today?